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ESA PC Runtime
Any project made in the Polymath Advanced development environment can also be run on PC with Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4, XP, Vista and Seven, as well as on all ESA industrial PCs. With Polymath PC Machine Edition, an ordinary computer becomes a powerful supervision and control station, that can connect directly to the system and manage a massive number of communication protocols, including Profibus-DP, CanOpen and DeviceNet. Unlimited connectivity: Polymath PC Machine Edition allows you to remotely verify the correct operation of a system by means of a simple internet connection, thanks to a tried and tested system compatible with corporate firewalls. Ethernet protocols are managed directly through the Ethernet port found on any PC, while for other types of protocols, special adapters are available. ESA expansion cards are field interfaces equipped with a dedicated microprocessor, which fully and autonomously manage communication, thus relieving the PC from that task and ensuring that communication time with the various protocols is respected (even in real-time). Polymath PC Machine Edition is compatible with Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP Pro, XP Pro for Embedded, Windows Vista and Windows Seven.

    The POLYMATH PC Machine Edition package is available in the 4 versions of Runtime licences that differ by the number of the variables available:
  • PCMACHINE-512 Polymath PC Machine Edition runtime license – 512 variables
  • PCMACHINE-1024 Polymath PC Machine Edition runtime license – 1024 variables
  • PCMACHINE-2048 Polymath PC Machine Edition runtime license – 2048 variables
  • PCMACHINE-4096 Polymath PC Machine Edition runtime license – 4096 variables

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