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The family of KEYBOARD IT products combines advanced technology with high performance, due to the solid hardware architecture of IT platforms.. The IT105K terminals are the only keyboard solution ideal for working environments where the conditions are more and more difficult, environments in which the use of a Touch screen terminal can cause damage to the touch and continuous cleaning of the display.
As an ideal alternative to the Touch screen product, the IT105K family is the first keyboard solution with integrated IT technology products.
The IT105TK keyboard platform comes with an extremely bright 5.7” display thanks to the retro-illumination with white LEDS and a practical 41 key keyboard (18 operation, 12 function and 11 alphanumeric keys). Equipped with a 65.000 TFT colors display, it is fitted with a serial port SP1 (RS232/485) and a serial port SP2 (RS232/485) with integrated MPI. The product is also available in the version with CAN or Profibus DP integrated interface.
Enhanced visual quality and greater processing speed are guaranteed by the CPU and high performance Ram modules; the architecture of the IT105TK platform is finally completed with the Ethernet port on board, making it possible to manage 2 communication drivers.

  • The IT105TK platform increases also connectivity by integrating on board tthe CAN Open and Profibus DP 12

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